About Us

The Sixth Form Colleges Association is the organisation that represents the 90 state Sixth Form Colleges in England. There are over 160,000 students studying at a Sixth Form College and the sector is responsible for over 20% of the A levels sat in England each year. SFCA also represents a growing number of 16–19 academies, 16–19 schools and 16–19 free schools and is the authoritative voice of sixth form education in England. Our vision is of a growing and thriving sector that will:
  • Continue to be high performing, highly efficient and deliver outstanding outcomes for learners.
  • Continue to play an active and influential role in shaping 16-19 education policy, funding and curriculum.
  • Be recognised and valued as the most successful providers of 16-19 education.
  • Be recognised and valued by the Government as an invaluable asset to the education system.

To realise this vision, our work covers three dimensions:

  • Supporting members: on a range of issues through the provision of research, bespoke reports, guidance, and one-to-one advice
  • Promoting members: to a wide range of stakeholders including the media, politicians, government agencies, and potential students.
  • Representing members: particularly in discussions and negotiations with trade unions and officials from government departments and agencies.