About Us

The Sixth Form Colleges Association is the authoritative voice of sixth form education in England and is the home of dedicated 16–19 providers. We have been representing the interests of sixth form colleges since 1993, and we now count amongst our members every designated sixth form college and a growing number of 16–19 academies, 16–19 schools, and 16–19 free schools. There are over 160,000 students studying at a sixth form college and the sector is responsible for almost 25% of all the A levels taken in England each year.

Our Vision:

All sixth form students deserve the very best educational experience that inspires them and sets them up for life. A flourishing network of dedicated sixth form colleges will make this a reality

Our Purpose:

Our role is to strengthen sixth form education by being a powerful advocate of dedicated sixth form colleges, and by supporting our members to deliver a first-class education to their students.