SFCA Publications


SFCA Publications

Six Dimensions

Six Dimensions Reports are available in the Curriculum and Ofsted Resources section of the member's area.

Six Dimensions Reports


SFCA Publications Date  
SFCA Annual report 2020 Dec 2020 Download
Comparing 2020 results in sixth form colleges to the historical average Aug 2020 Download
Summer 2020 Results Survey Report Aug 2020 Download
SFCA Priorities 2020: Covid Update Jun 2020 Download
Sixth Form Colleges: Key Facts and Figures 2020 Jun 2020 Download
APPG Sixth Form Education Budget Submission Feb 2020 Download
2019 Annual Report Dec 2019 Download
Occasional Paper 1: Governance codes Jun 2019 Download
Occasional Paper 3: Copyright Jun 2019 Download
Occasional Paper 4: Equality in the workplace Jun 2019 Download
Occasional Paper 5: Data Jun 2019 Download
Raise the Rate: Funding Impact Survey Mar 2019 Download
Understanding the funding shortfall in sixth form education Oct 2018 Download
SFCA Budget Submission 2018 Sep 2018 Download
Education Committee Funding Inquiry May 2018 Download
SFCA Budget submission 2017 Sep 2017 Download
Tuition time in upper secondary education 2016 Oct 2016 Download
SFCA Costing The Sixth Form Curriculum 2015 Mar 2015 Download
Value for money in Sixth Form education 2014 Jun 2014 Download
SFCA election manifesto 2019 Nov 2019 Download
2019 2020 Your Association Brochure Nov 2019 Download
SFCA Priorities 2020 Jan 2020 Download
Your Association 2020 - 2021 Sep 2020 Download
Raise the Rate Funding Impact Survey March 2019 Mar 2019 Download
SFCA spending review submission 2020 Oct 2020 Download
Occasional Paper 2 Core maths and AMSP Jun 2019 Download
SFCA Mental health in colleges evidence review Updated Feb 2021 Download
2020.04.29 Ofsted Complaints Consultation SFCA Response Apr 2020 Download
SFCA Map 2020 Feb 2021 Download
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