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In 2021, we are co-ordinating three campaigns on behalf of our members to:

1. Protect Student Choice (by keeping Applied General Qualifications such as BTECs) #ProtectStudentChoice

2. Raise the Rate of funding for sixth form students to at least £4,760 per year #RaisetheRate

3. Ensure no student is left behind by Covid and all can benefit from tailored catch up/recovery support

We also remain committed to two longer-term priorities: to establish dedicated capital expansion and maintenance funds for sixth form providers, and to reform the process for establishing new sixth form provision.

SFCA provides the secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Sixth Form Education – an influential, cross-party group of MPs who support our campaigns and  “promote and support the interests of institutions that deliver sixth form education and to advise government on the challenges facing 16 to 18 education”.

For more information on our campaigning work, contact James Kewin, deputy chief executive, or Noni Csogor, research and policy manager.


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