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TBill Watkin, chief executive of the Sixth Form Colleges Associationhe Sixth Form Colleges Association is the established voice of dedicated sixth form education and the hub of a national network of sixth form providers.

Leading a sixth form provider presents a particular set of challenges and opportunities. A national network of peers, who can call on each other for ideas, information and support, and who can offer insights, advice and solutions, is invaluable. SFCA is working with its members to ensure that all dedicated 16-19 specialists benefit from the advantages of belonging to this sixth form family.

SFCA has for 25 years been the home of specialist experts in sixth form teaching, learning and leadership and, at this time of change in policy, curriculum and funding, is the influential voice of sixth form education.

Principals, staff and governors benefit from the opportunity to work with SFCA’s expert and experienced team in the heart of Westminster, and with colleagues across the country, on developing and sustaining an outstanding sixth form experience for 16-19 year-olds in your community. 


All dedicated sixth form providers are welcome to become members of SFCA.

To become a member and for further information, please contact info@sixthformcolleges.org


Bill Watkin
CEO, The Sixth Form Colleges Association


“The SFCA is an invaluable source of advice, information and support, as well as providing a forum for debate and discussion on issues that matter to post 16 providers. In addition to its reliable services around employment and policy, SFCA membership offers frequent opportunities to share ideas and strategies with colleagues across the country and to benefit from the collective ingenuity of the sector.”

Tim Fisher, principal, Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College

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