Rochdale Sixth Form College

Rochdale Sixth Form College

Rochdale Sixth Form College


At RSFC our central purpose is to help our students realise their academic potential. We believe every young person can succeed and we devote ourselves to improving student achievement, through high quality teaching and student support. Our young people are challenged to achieve through high expectations within a “you can do it culture”. We aim at all times to build aspiration, to inspire and to motivate our students so they have the opportunity for greater choice in life.


We aim to be the sixth form college of choice for the young people of the Borough of Rochdale and aim to develop confident and articulate students, respectful and respected, capable of independent and critical thought and appropriately prepared for higher-level achievement.

What Makes Rochdale Sixth Form College Outstanding?

It really is all those intangible things that make RSFC so successful. You can call it a philosophy or call it a culture or a vision but we just call it the way we do things.

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