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SFCA Art Exhibition 2021

1st Jul 2021 - 4th Jul 2021 Online

Fake News?

Reflections on how hard it is to discern today’s truth


National Photography Exhibition, 2021



This online exhibition, a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the arts

and recognise excellence in sixth form colleges, will take place from

1st to 4th July 2021.


Sixth form colleges represent a vital supply pipeline of talented artists of the future. In order to advance the arts in education, to recognise and celebrate excellence in sixth form colleges, and to stimulate our thinking about the world we inhabit, SFCA will hold its annual National Arts Exhibition in July 2021. This year the exhibition will once again be an online event, and will be limited to photography (or photographs of other artwork).


It is imperative that we keep the arts in education secure and flourishing. If young people are to make a truly valuable contribution to society, even if they are to be successful scientists, engineers, doctors and technicians, they need to develop their creative skills, their artistic sensitivities and their ability to interact with others.


  • Colleges indicate their intention to participate and register here. The deadline for registration is Friday 2nd April 2021.
  • Students submit their photographs to the designated lead in their college.
  • Each college selects up of five of its students’ entries to represent the college in the national exhibition and sends the photographs to SFCA by noon on Friday 11th June 2021.
  • SFCA exhibits all entries received on the exhibition website.
  • SFCA promotes the exhibition to media contacts and Art Colleges across the country.
  • Revisit last year’s exhibition here.


Entry fee

There will be an entry fee of £95 (excl. VAT) per college.

To enter, please register here.

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