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SFCA Middle Leadership Team Programme

1st Sep 2020 - 28th Jul 2021

Bring your middle leaders together in a series of half day workshops, held in your college over the year. Choose from a menu of leadership themes those that best meet the needs and priorities of your middle leaders, and build your team so that they share common goals, language and strategies.

This programme is designed for the middle leadership team in your college. It will help you to:

  • Upskill the individuals  

  • Build a coherent team of middle leaders that can see the bigger picture and contribute to the effective delivery of the college vision

  • Promote consistency of culture across the college

  • Develop succession planning


Key features 

  • 5 sessions from 12.30 to 4:30pm on dates chosen by you 

  • delivered on-site in your college to your middle leadership team

  • a targeted focus on the sixth form college sector and tailored specifically to   your college

  • you choose the group size, but we suggest an upper limit of 20

  • suitable for all middle leaders with curricular or pastoral responsibilities

  • you choose the 5 modules from the full menu that are most relevant to your middle leadership team and your college’s context

  • you steer the focus of the content and the language used through pre-programme meetings with the facilitators

  • training will be led by expert leadership coaches and experienced college principals

  • personalised psychometric testing with confidential expert feedback

  • mock interview for internal promotion, tailored to the individual’s career aspirations, and followed by feedback

To view the brief and available modules click here

Price is dependent on the number of participants, for further information and to arrange your bespoke middle leadership team development programme, please write to  

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