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SFCA Academy Workshop 2020

11th Feb 2020 12:30 - 16:00 City of Stoke on Trent Sixth Form College

Why attend

We are pleased to announce the arrangements for this year’s Academy Workshop. Katherine Cowell, the Interim Regional Schools Commissioner in the North, has recently taken on the role of lead across all RSCs on post 16 issues and she has kindly agreed to join us and launch the discussions on the day.  

This half-day workshop is scheduled to take place 11th February at the City of Stoke Sixth Form College, which is right next to Stoke station and very easily accessible from all regions. It will run from 12.30 to 4pm (lunch leading to discussion).

The workshop will be an invaluable opportunity for leaders of SFCs that have formed or joined a MAT to come together to explore the ways in which this structural change can be most effectively managed, developed and exploited for the benefit of all. This is very much about being, rather than becoming, an academy, but those colleges that are in the pipeline or at some stage of strategic planning will also find it useful and interesting.

Some of the questions for consideration might include:

  • How can 16-19 academies play a role in building system capacity to address the 16+ population bulge starting next year?
  • Opportunities for expansion, setting up free schools: opportunities, hurdles and solutions
  • How can 16-19 academies contribute to the RSCs’ regional strategies?
  • How can ESFA help 16-19 academies?
  • What can a 16-19 academies bring to a schools-led, or schools-dominated MAT?
  • Are there strengths that a 16-19 academies can bring beyond 16-19 expertise (eg transition, IAG, subject knowledge, governance, back-office services etc)?
  • Do the MAT partners properly understand a SFC context (eg data analysis, funding, learning culture), and vice versa? (How) can the level of understanding be improved?
  • Does membership of a MAT impact on the critical relationships with other feeder schools?



To book

In order to reserve your place, please follow this link.

SFCA accepts payment via cheque or BACS. Please quote the event booking code: SFCAACADEMY2020. Invoices are issued on request, if you require an invoice please email

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If you would like any further information about this event please contact Fran Hellel, Events & Communications Manager: 0203 824 0460

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