SFCA responds to NEU strike ballot result


Responding to today’s announcement from the NEU, SFCA Chief Executive Bill Watkin said:

“Sixth form colleges recognise the extraordinary efforts made by teachers and support staff to look after young people throughout the Covid pandemic, and to continue providing a high quality education in the face of enormous difficulties. Teachers’ and support staff salaries are being eroded, as energy costs and other inflationary pressures increase, but the government funds sixth form colleges at a lower level than schools, universities and other colleges, and sixth form colleges simply do not have the resources to meet demands for such a high pay rise. It is disappointing that a generation of young people, who had their education so disrupted by Covid, now risks losing yet more time in the classroom, on the sports field and with staff whose job is to support their mental health and emotional well-being. In spite of ongoing hardships and inadequate funding, colleges are determined to go on doing all that they can to provide a safe and stimulating environment for young people to come and learn together”.

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