A level grading in 2021: SFCA response

A level grading in 2021: SFCA response

Responding to today’s announcement, Bill Watkin, Chief Executive of the Sixth Form Colleges Association, said:

“Sixth Form Colleges are pleased to have some clarity about how grades will be awarded this summer and welcome the decision to put teachers’ professional judgement at the heart of the process. The impact of the pandemic on young people’s learning has been significant and variable, so students cannot be expected to answer questions on all topics, and teachers will appreciate the opportunity to draw on a range of evidence when determining grades.

One of the big challenges facing colleges now is the time frame: teachers do not have long to mark all the work, decide on the grades to submit and have them quality assured by college leaders. Dealing with two results days in one week is of particular concern - colleges will be trying to support 18 year-old leavers in their university applications, while enrolling and inducting their new cohort of 16 year olds – all in the middle of the summer holidays, when staff ought to be recovering from the exertions of a most demanding year”.

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