SFCA responds to proposals for replacing 2021 exams

SFCA responds to proposals for replacing 2021 exams

Responding to today’s consultation launch, Bill Watkin, Chief Executive of the Sixth Form Colleges Association, said:

“We welcome the proposals set out in today’s consultation and the speed with which they have been developed. Teachers know their students best and it is right that their professional expertise will be at the heart of the awarding process this summer. It is also right that externally set tasks should form part of the body of evidence on which teachers will base their assessment judgements. These tasks should not be confused with more high-stakes exams, they are just one of several sources of information about a student’s ability that will inform teachers’ grade submissions. 

“In order to avoid some of the problems of last summer, and to ensure consistency, teachers will need to know in advance how rigidly the summer 2021 grades must be comparable to last year’s grade profile. They must also have government protection and must not be left exposed and vulnerable to undue pressure and challenge from candidates and their families at any stage in the awarding process. In affording this protection, it will be important to establish how predicted grades that have already been given to students (for sixth form or university admission for example) relate to the eventual teacher assessments in the early summer”.

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