SFCA response to 2021 exams announcement

SFCA response to 2021 exams announcement

Responding to today’s statement, Bill Watkin, Chief Executive of the Sixth Form Colleges Association, said:

“Sixth form colleges welcome the government’s ambition to hold the exams next summer and agree that the government is right to development contingency plans for exams in 2021. It is imperative that the Department for Education does not underestimate either the scale or the likelihood of disruption to exams next year. And even if the exams do go ahead, the biggest challenge is likely to be the difficulty of ensuring all students have the same opportunities in preparing for them with their teachers over the next eight months. Lost learning in the last six months and the inevitable lost learning during this year mean that exams could only proceed in the summer with significant modifications. Students in some parts of the country are already more disadvantaged than others, according to where they live and how prevalent the virus has been. We must also start preparing now for a summer with no exams, and explore what alternative models of assessment should be put in place. It would be a disaster if the conclusion drawn at the end of the government’s six week consultation was that only minor changes were needed to the 2021 exam series. We are all hoping for the best when it comes to arrangements for next year, but we owe it to students to also prepare for the worst and ensure we have a robust Plan B and C in place”. 

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