New 16-19 free schools: SFCA response

New 16-19 free schools: SFCA response

Commenting on DfE's announcement of 'up to 15' new 16-19 free schools, Bill Watkin, Chief Executive of the Sixth Form Colleges Association, said:

“Sixth form colleges have an established track record of helping large numbers of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to progress to leading universities. The growing population will result in a significant increase in sixth form student numbers and the government is right to help existing colleges to expand alongside establishing new sixth forms. However, it would not make sense, either educationally or financially, to open one of these new sixth form free schools in a community that is already well-served by high quality sixth form providers. It is vitally important there is an evidence-based and transparent process to approve these new sixth forms, and one that ensures they are only created in areas where there is a genuine need for additional provision and where they have a realistic prospect of long-term success.”

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