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SFCA responds to Ofqual's climbdown on A level results

SFCA responds to Ofqual's climbdown on A level results

Responding to today’s announcement, Bill Watkin, Chief Executive of the Sixth Form Colleges Association, said:

“Today’s announcement has brought some much needed good news to the thousands of students let down by the significant failings in the government’s model for calculating A level grades. Leaders and teachers, students and parents, have worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the injustices caused by the model, and today’s announcement is in large part down to their hard work.

“When it became clear that the government’s model was incapable of generating accurate A level grades, honouring students’ centre-assessed grades was the best way to end the uncertainty and anxiety experienced by many students since Thursday morning. There is no perfect solution, and using centre assessed grades will generate some problems of its own, but the situation we find ourselves this evening is infinitely better than the situation at the start of today. 

“Tomorrow, the hard work begins in making up the ground lost since Thursday. But tonight we are thankful that many thousands of students now have a far greater range of options available to them and can start to move on from what has been a very difficult period”. 

More information

  1. The Sixth Form Colleges Association is the established voice of dedicated sixth form education and the hub of a national network of sixth form providers
  2. Copies of SFCA analysis of the A level grading system was published today and can be found here. The analysis was based on 65,050 enrolments in 41 A level subjects taken in 38 sixth form colleges. As a value added analysis, it adjusts for the GCSE results of students taking A levels to ensure a like-with-like comparison
  3. Our members deliver a quarter of the A levels sat in England each year
  4. For more information please contact James Kewin at the Sixth Form Colleges Association: 07887 990 120  


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