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SFCA responds to BTEC defunding delay

SFCA responds to BTEC defunding delaySFCA responds to BTEC defunding delay

Responding to tonight’s announcement by the Secretary of State for Education, Bill Watkin, Chief Executive of the Sixth Form Colleges Association said:

“We are pleased that the Secretary of State has responded to some of the concerns raised by the 24 organisations in the Protect Student Choice campaign and delayed the withdrawal of funding of BTECs by one year. But it is vital that the government uses this extra year to develop a transparent process for determining the future of these qualifications that involves providers, students and employers. Funding should not be withdrawn for any BTEC unless there is clear evidence that the qualification is not valued by students or employers. An evidence-based approach, involving those directly involved in delivery, is essential if we are to have a qualification system that works for everyone. We look forward to seeing more detail on the proposals set out in parliament tonight, and the Protect Student Choice coalition will develop a fuller response when this detail is made available”.

More information

  1. Today’s announcement was made at the second reading of the Skills and Post-16 Education Bill in the House of Commons.
  2. SFCA is co-ordinating the #ProtectStudentChoice: don’t scrap BTECs campaign, more information can be found here. The campaign is backed by 24 organisations that represent and support schools, colleges and universities.
  3. Last month, 118 MPs and peers wrote to the Secretary of State for Education in support of the campaign, the letter can be found here.  
  4. For more information, please contact James Kewin at the Sixth Form Colleges Association: 07887 990120
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