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Ofsted criticises T levels in new report: SFCA responds

Ofsted criticises T levels in new report: SFCA responds

Commenting on Ofsted's report on T level delivery, James Kewin, Deputy Chief Executive of the Sixth Form Colleges Association, said:

This report does a good job of highlighting the significant challenges that we know providers have experienced delivering T levels and the T level transition programme. The government describes T levels as a gold standard qualification thatit wantto see as one of two programmes of choice for young people alongside A levels. But this report raises concerns about the effectiveness of the qualification and its potential to be offered at scale. This is particularly important given the government shows no sign of rethinking its reckless plan to scrap most BTECs – the qualification it wantT levelto replace. 

Today’s report is clear that T levels are not yet the gold standard, mass marketreplacement for BTECs the government believes them to be. Ministers need to drop the rhetoric, face the reality and rethink their plans for qualification reform. The government should follow the recommendation from the Protect Student Choice campaign and reverse the plan to scrap BTECs. We all wantT levelto succeed, but not at any cost, and leaving tens of thousands of BTEC students without a pathway to higher education or employment is not a price worth paying.” 

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  1. The Sixth Form Colleges Association is the established voice of dedicated sixth form education and the hub of a national network of sixth form providers.
  2. For more information please contact James Kewin at the Sixth Form Colleges Association: 07887 990120


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