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SFCA responds to Ney Report


James Kewin, deputy chief executive of the Sixth Form Colleges Association, commented on Dame Mary Ney's report into college financial oversight, published today:

“Dame Mary’s report makes some welcome recommendations. For example, three year funding settlements would provide colleges with some much needed certainty. A more joined up approach to intervention is also something we would support, and colleges will welcome the recommendations that both they and government can take forward to strengthen governance. However, the scope of the review did not allow Dame Mary to focus on what actually causes financial instability in the first place – not least the decade of underinvestment in post-16 education. Reconfiguring the departments and agencies involved in intervention or refining the financial information provided by colleges will, in isolation, have a limited impact. There is certainly a need to reform financial oversight, but there is a more pressing need to ask if colleges are receiving the funding required to provide students with a high quality education”.

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