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SFCA congratulates students on 2022 results

SFCA congratulates students on 2022 results

Responding to the publication of summer 2022 exam results, Bill Watkin, Chief Executive of the Sixth Form Colleges Association, said:

"This year’s results in both A Levels and BTECs show how well students managed to focus on their learning and their preparations for examinations in spite of the Covid challenges they faced. This cohort of young people had lost significant learning time over the last two years, they had no prior experience of sitting public exams, and they had to contend with a number of modifications and adaptations on their journey. The results also reflect the invaluable role played by their teachers, who worked tirelessly throughout the worst of the pandemic to support students in both their learning and their welfare, and who maintained a relentless focus on the highest standards, against the backdrop of a conscious decision by the regulators to make sure that this year’s grades were lower than last year’s. In sixth form colleges there are remarkable success stories all around the country that we should celebrate and that should see greater numbers than ever reaching their first choice university or employment destinations."

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