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SFCA responds to next stage of government's recovery plan

SFCA responds to next stage of government's recovery plan

Responding to today’s announcement, Bill Watkin, Chief Executive of the Sixth Form Colleges Association, said:

“Covid has caused enormous disruption to the education of sixth form students. Valuable teaching time has been lost, extra-curricular and social activities have been scaled back, and the mental health of many young people has suffered as a result. In that context, today’s announcement falls well short of the comprehensive package of support that is required to ensure that no young person is left behind by Covid.  These measures, little more than an extension of the small-scale 16-19 tuition fund and the promise of additional funding for students that wish to repeat a year, will only address the needs of a very small number of students. More information is needed, but ultimately, it would appear that the government has missed the opportunity to introduce the bold measures necessary to start repairing the damage caused by Covid. It is vital that ministers grasp the nettle in the spending review later this year and introduce the serious additional investment that is required to meet the needs of sixth form students”.

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