Funding allocation of £120 million to high-cost, high-value courses - 5th November 2019


5th November 2019

In response to the £120 million funding allocation to high-cost, high-value courses, James Kewin, Deputy Chief Executive said:

“When the £120 million increase for ‘expensive but crucial subjects’ was announced ahead of September’s spending round, we were concerned that only the minority of students that pursue a technical course would be likely to benefit. Since then, we have been making the case for A levels and Applied General Qualifications that meet the high cost/high value criteria to be eligible for this funding, so we are delighted by today’s announcement.

“The high-wage, high-skilled economy envisaged in the government’s Industrial Strategy will be driven by leaders, scientists, technicians, engineers and others who in most cases will have followed the A level or Applied General path during their 16 to 18 education. Targeting the £120 million at some of these courses is therefore a welcome development.

“Although we remain convinced that the optimum way to increase investment in sixth form education is by raising the national funding rate to the required level - at least £4,760 per student - ensuring that targeted interventions like this benefit students pursuing a mainstream sixth form education is the next best policy”.


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