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Thu, 2018-10-18 16:07 -- SFCA

We are excited to annouce 4 new networks. 

  1. The college governance network brings together a range of resources, services and networks for clerks and governors; you can select individual services, or make savings by joining the CGN and benefiting from the package offered.
  2. The recently appointed principals programme is designed to develop a peer-led network which will sustain you through the challenges you face in your role as a new principal, whether in your first post, or as an experienced principal in a new post.
  3. The senior leaders network is for deputy principals and serves as a forum, online and face-to-face, through which they can explore their shared priorities and challenges and exchange ideas, solutions and opportunities with their peers across the country. 
  4. The middle leaders network provides an online forum for those who hold curricular or pastoral responsibilities, as well as a termly conference, addressing respectively Quality improvement, Making the most of data, and The linear curriculum.