16-19 Academies Workshop

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Event name:16-19 Academies Workshop
Date:25th Apr 2018
Venue:The Sixth Form College, Solihull, Widney Manor Rd, Solihull B91 3WR
Price:£70 (Excluding VAT)

SFCA will be hosting a workshop aimed at colleges that have converted to academies and those in the pipeline. Christine Quinn, Reigional Schools Commissioner will provide an overview of the role of sixth form colleges in the Academies sector. A range of round-table discussions will follow, focusing on the following:

  1. Governance

What changes have you made to ensure your college adapts to academy governance?

  1. Funding and finance

How are you addressing the advantages and disadvantages of academy funding and finance?

  1. Employee contracts, TUPE and ETO

Do the SFCA Terms and Conditions have a place in an Academy Trust?

  1. Staffing structures

Have you made, or will you make, changes to your staffing complement to make the most of academy status?

  1. Inter-institute relations, shared services and quality improvement

What performance indicators will you monitor to ensure that shared services, staff and strategies contribute to quality of Trust outcomes?

  1. Accountability

How are you preparing for different accountability frameworks (Ofsted, RSC, SRIB)?

  1. Data returns

How have you prepared for the different returns expected of academies?

  1. Relations with the wider family of feeder schools

What has been the impact of academy status on your relations with schools in your Trust, and with other feeder schools in your community?

  1. Establishing and sustaining a shared vision

Having established your academy vision and values, how will you ensure buy-in from current and future partner schools?

  1. Marketing and public relations

Does your community understand your Academy Trust? How will you ensure your numbers in the future?

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018