Curriculum and Quality Committee

The challenge to improve and the means by which to measure performance are critical drivers in all sectors of education, not least among sixth form colleges who constantly strive to be better.  The Curriculum & Quality Policy Committee leads on all aspects of performance management, considers all curriculum developments and provides support to colleges as necessary.

Committee work includes:

  • Preparation of SFCA policy statements on the post 16 curriculum and SFCA policy statements on quality in sixth form colleges.
  • Reviewing curriculum developments arising from government policy or proposed by examination boards and reviewing developments in quality assurance systems (both internal and external).
  • Preparation of draft responses for SFCA to consultations on curriculum and quality assurance issues.
  • Consideration of aspects of the post-16 curriculum to research and review in order to inform SFCA Curriculum Policy.
  • Promoting a sector-wide approach to improving quality through peer review, benchmarking, sharing good practice.
  • Organisation of training events/conferences as appropriate - including the annual SFCA Curriculum and Quality Conference which takes place in the Autumn Term.
  • Supporting lobbying and promotional work of the sixth form college Sector.
  • Commissioning research, internal and external as appropriate.