About Us

The Sixth Form Colleges’ Association (SFCA) has been representing the interests of the sector since Sixth Form Colleges became independent corporations in 1993. Our vision is of a growing and thriving sector that will:

  • Continue to be high performing, highly efficient and deliver outstanding outcomes for learners
  • Receive the level of funding required to deliver a relevant and holistic education to young people of all abilities
  • Be recognised and valued by students as the most successful provider of 16-19 education
  • Be recognised and valued by government as a key player in the education sector

Representing Sixth Form Colleges:
particularly in discussions and negotiations with trade unions and officials from government departments and agencies.

Promoting Sixth Form Colleges:
to a wide range of stakeholders including the media, politicians and potential students.

Supporting Sixth Form Colleges: 
on a range of issues through the provision of research, guidance and one to one advice.

SFCA also offers advice and support to Sixth Form Colleges on employment issues and all aspects of industrial relations. One of our most important roles is to lead national negotiations with the recognised trade unions on the pay and conditions of staff in Sixth Form Colleges.

Our Objectives

SFCA represents, promotes and supports Sixth Form Colleges. Our objectives in doing so are as follows:

  • Objective One: Fair and sufficient funding
  • Objective Two: Broad and relevant curriculum
  • Objective Three: Fair and transparent accountability
  • Objective Four: Genuine and sustained opportunities for growth
  • Objective Five: Constructive and productive industrial relations
  • Objective Six: Strong and effective governance