What is the SFBac?

The SFBac is a certification framework to highlight the learning experience of students in Sixth Form Colleges which can be summarised in the phrase “subjects, skills, values, breadth”. The SFBac will give the assurance that Sixth Form College students come out of secondary education with more than just qualifications – they will be prepared for continuing education, life, work and citizenship.

The following colleges deliver the SFBac:- 

Brooke House Sixth Form College, London  
Godalming College, Surrey
Newham Sixth Form College , London
Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College, Leicester

General Aims of the SFBac Award

  • To define and endorse the philosophy of the all-round education in sixth form colleges on the basis of subjects, skills, values, and breadth
  • To recognise the diversity of student learning programmes to ensure that their educational experience isn’t just about taking exams
  • To help prepare students for continuing education, life, work and citizenship.
  • To add value to student applications into further and higher education by recognising the full range of courses, activities and experiences which a sixth form college curriculum provides
  • To provide a flexible, non-prescriptive and inclusive certification framework – a ‘high trust, low maintenance’ award
  • To be a kite-mark of curriculum quality rather than a qualification in its own right.

Click here to view the SFBac framework

The Trident Group works in partnership with SFCA to provide the quality assurance and administration of the award.  To view their webpage please click here 

The Institute of Education have been involved in the development and implementation of the SFBac. To view their report outlining their findings of the first year of the Pilot, click here.

Whole Education - The SFBac are now partners of Whole Education. Whole Education lobbies for all young people to have a ‘rounded education’ and many organisations have become partners with them.  They are holding  a number of events this year for Colleges and Schools focusing on curriculum issues and initiatives. Details will be available shortly.

SFBac Guides

We have developed SFBac guides for students, employers, Universities and Colleges. Please download a copy below:
SFBac guide for students and parents
SFBac guide for employers and Universities

SFBac Award re-launched at 16-19 Summer Conference in partnership with the Trident group
Godalming College awards students with SFBac commendation for outstanding achievement 
The College of Richard Collyer students awarded SFBac

For further information on the SFBac please email the SFCA on: info@sixthformcolleges.org or call on 0207 187 7349